The Body Dialogue Process is a profound communication experience inspired by The Voice Dialogue Process and my own personal experience with an illness in my twenties.  The Process offers a unique opportunity to bridge the chasm between mind and body, offering the body and its numerous selves the unifying experience of voice.

The Voice of the Body

Within you there is a reservoir of information.  The Body Dialogue Process taps into this reserve and creates the opportunity for conscious communication with the overall voice of your body and its many selves / parts which support your body’s miraculous functioning.

The Body as Best Friend

Hearing and appreciating your body’s own knowledge base is essential in having a healthy relationship with it.  In addition, this process supports the development of an intimate friendship.  Imagine having the kind of relationship with your body that you have with your significant other or best friend. This is a connection based on mutual respect, effective communication and pleasure in each other’s company.  This possibility exists for you.

Bridging the Gap

The body and its many selves wants to be heard and acknowledged for the significant role it plays in your life.  Keep in mind it has one of the greatest jobs of all and yet is often the least appreciated or recognized.  We forget that all the selves function in and through this container.   It is our challenge and opportunity to bridge this gap.


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