J. Tamar Stone

Creator of Selves in a Box

Carrying on the Lineage of Hal and Sidra Stone


I Listen for a Living

So You Can Feel Heard

“As a Psychotherapist, Senior Voice Dialogue facilitator and International Trainer with a global client base, I believe in creating intimate and authentic partnering with my clients to expand their consciousness of Self and Other.
It is our birthright to be seen, heard, valued and witnessed so we feel safe enough to explore all of who we are.”
J Tamar Stone

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Would you like to experience...

  • A deeper connection with yourself and others?
  • Support in facing life’s challenges and opportunities?
  • Making more conscious choices in your own life?
  • Confidence that you have the resources you need?
  • Feeling at home on your path?


Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a process for giving voice to your inner Selves in a safe, honoring and revelatory way.

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