Writing from the Selves

A live Zoom Webinar with J. Tamar Stone

Our selves have so much to communicate to us.

Whether in the form of a dialogue, a rant, a rebuttal, a soap box, a stream of consciousness or a whisper, our selves long for a voice.


This is an opportunity to

  • Get current with your inner family of selves
  • Find out what your selves are thinking and or feeling
  • Explore your selves’s unique perspectives and opinions
  • Discover what your selves need and want

There will be

  • Individual writing prompts
  • Group writing prompts
  • Six Word Memoirs
  • Selves in a Box card draw prompts
  • Opportunities to share your writing with fellow participants


A two and a half hourĀ  Saturday Workshop.


Cost: $95
Dates: See the event window below
Location: Online


Cancellation Policy

Tuition can be rolled over
to the next equivalent event.

Writing from the Selves

A live Zoom webinar with
J. Tamar Stone

Cost: $95

Location: Online

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Writing from the Selves

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