Body Dialogue

Online Workshop

The body tells the story. It is, in fact, a living autobiography.  ~ Elaine Mayland

Within each of our bodies is a reservoir of information. Discover the unique voice of your body, its authentic rhythm, its likes and dislikes, and its distinct wants and needs.

Body Dialogue One

Foundation Workshop


  • Meet your body and learn it’s unique language.
  • Tap into your body’s knowledge and guidance.
  • Identify the inner hijackers that override your body.
  • Experience your body as friend, ally and primary relationship.

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Body Dialogue Two

Facilitator’s Training


  • Experience the overall voice of the Body as a bridge to specific body parts, pain conditions, and illnesses.
  • Delve into both acute and chronic areas of tension and pain patterns.
  • Work with the Selves that are hijacking your body.
  • Discover your body’s rhythm and frequency and how to support it.

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Body Dialogue
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