I love my clients.

Making a difference in your life, your work and relationships is the greatest honor.
As a Psychotherapist and Senior Voice Dialogue facilitator with an international client base, I create an intimate and authentic connection with you to expand your consciousness of Self and Other. I help you find meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.
Together we explore the deepest experiences of being human, reflecting and illuminating your hidden potential.

My specialty is giving voice to inner selves. By honoring the roles that your primary selves serve and integrating the disowned selves that have been repressed, you experience a greater sense of wholeness.

I feel so blessed to be carrying on the lineage of my father, Dr. Hal Stone, and my stepmother, Dr. Sidra Stone, who are not only my parents but my mentors, colleagues and best friends. As the daughter of Hal Stone this work is in my cells.

In addition to working one on one I teach ongoing Trainings in Voice Dialogue, Body Dialogue, and Selves in a Box. I also offer Dream Groups, Couples Retreats, Tutorials and Group Dives.
We can work in Person, on Zoom, or by Phone.


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My Mission

My reason for carrying on the lineage of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves is to create a more relational world.

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