Dream Group

Living into your Dreams

Exploring the hidden language of our Night and Daydreams

Meets Monthly

Our night dreams reflect a series of thoughts, images and sensations that often thread together as the fabric of an interior story or stand alone as a fragment, word or image that we might catch as we awaken from sleep. This rich inner landscape provides us with profound insight into our waking lives.

Our daydreams illuminate our often hidden or repressed longings, fantasies and desires. Unexpressed, our daydreams sit like inner weights on our soul expression and get projected on others around us as judgments or jealousies. Acknowledged and honored daydreams can ignite our deeper yearning for “something” more in our waking lives.

Through the modality of Voice Dialogue, you will have the opportunity to give voice to this vast and tender territory in a safe and supportive webinar format from the comfort of your own home or office.

Dates: To be Announced

Cost: $270

Cancelation Policy

Tuition can be rolled over
to the next equivalent event.

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