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Something very powerful happens when we identify the Selves that are running our lives from both sides of the spectrum. It takes great courage and strength to stand between any two Selves and inspire trust in them—trust that you will value both their voices equally. — J. Tamar Stone

Most of us think of ourselves as a unified whole. However, we are actually composed of numerous inner aspects called Selves, also referred to as sub-personalities. Selves are universal; everybody has them. Each Self has its own feelings, thoughts, opinions, point of view, memories and perspective.

Voice Dialogue Level One


Foundation Workshop

  • Tap into the gifts of your selves
  • Navigate your inner and outer landscapes
  • Make more conscious choices

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Voice Dialogue Level Two


Facilitator’s Training

  • Learn to dialogue with the inner selves
  • Change the way you relate to yourself and others
  • Become a better communicator

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Voice Dialogue Level Three

In Person

Empowerment Training

  • Deepen your presence as a practitioner
  • Nourish and empower you and your work
  • Enhance your process

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